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Model: PI10010
Gomati Chakra is found in the Gomati River. Mostly it is used for the Acquisition of money, Business Growth, Early Marriage, Enemy Destruction, etc. Gomati chakra bestows happiness, prosperity, good health, peace of mind and soul, etc.It helps in increasing concentration, business, respect in societ..
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Model: CT10011
BBN Roli is used for tilak at weddings, poojas, and other occasions.It is used in pooja purposes also because it is very sacred, and can be used in any pooja or religious work.Pure and Natural Roli or Laal Kumkum is considered in Poojan Samigri.Red color Roli is used at many festivals like Deepawali..
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Combo Kamal Gatta Mala & Gomti Chakra 11 Pieces, Natural Haldi Mala & 11 Pcs Yellow kodiya for Pooja Combo Kamal Gatta Mala & Gomti Chakra 11 Pieces, Natural Haldi Mala & 11 Pcs Yellow kodiya for Pooja
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Model: X5-9E6F-Y8HB
11 pcs of gomti chakra - Gomti Chakra will be blessed with money, good health and prosperity. Size of Gomti Chakra May Vary as it is a natural product.Haldi Mala can be used to attain victory over your enemies, the resolution of a litigation, and success in quarrels and competitions.Yellow cowry is ..
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Model: PI10002
Copper coins should be placed in pooja/puja temple, office, and home. The satvik frequencies of deities are then transferred to other components of puja. It is considered as an auspicious metal. The metal copper has the electromagnetic energy that is known as the Life Force (Prana Shakti).The 7 Pcs ..
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Model: PI10006
You must have seen that people tie mauli i.e. kalava on their wrist during worship and auspicious occasions. You have wondered what could be the reason behind this.If you believe that this happens for religious reasons, then you keep half-incomplete information. In fact, there are many scientific re..
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Model: PI10005
In Hinduism, before every religious act i.e. worship, prayer, yagya, havan, etc., the priests tie the Kalava in the right wrist of the Yajman. Kalava is also called Molly and Rakshasutra. Have you ever thought what could be the reason behind this? If you believe that there is the only religious reas..
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Time is never the same. Some time runs well and some bad. But to avoid its negative effects and to brighten your luck, using Haldi Mala can be beneficial for you. Turmeric remedy will not only protect you from troubles, but you also get respect by wearing it. Wearing Haldi Mala on Thursday is the mo..
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Kamal Gatta Mala 108 Beads for Diwali Pooja Laxmi Pooja
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Model: ML20008
As we all know that Lotus Flower is very important in Hindu Religion. The rosary or Mala of Lotus flower seeds is known as Lotus Seeds Rosary. Everyone should always keep this mala in home to get wealth and eliminate poverty.Benefits of Kamal Gatta Mala-The Lotus Seed Rosary is auspicious for the wo..
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