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Chandan Tika

Model: CT10013
Abhiyang powder is natural bathing powder for your dieties. It is made of five items - Avla, Sandal, Rose Water, Kesar and Barras. It can be used for any deities bathing like Ashtdhatu, Marbol, Silver and Parad, Copper or Brass Idol.How to use Abhiyang Powder ?Firstly, make a paste of Abhi..
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Model: CT10011
BBN Roli is used for tilak at weddings, poojas, and other occasions.It is used in pooja purposes also because it is very sacred, and can be used in any pooja or religious work.Pure and Natural Roli or Laal Kumkum is considered in Poojan Samigri.Red color Roli is used at many festivals like Deepawali..
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Model: CT10008
Gopi Chandan Powder is made up of sandalwood, not of clay.It is natural and pure and used for tilak or tikka.Gopi Chandan Powder is also used for tilak of Gods in temples and homes.It bestows the devotion towards Lord Krishna...
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Model: CT10005
Gopi Chandan Scented (Pack Of 12 Pcs) is used for religious purposes such as worship, prayer, etc. It is in the form of sticks and can be used for pooja or Lords and goddesses...
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Haldi Roli
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Model: CT10003
Liquid Chandan is made of pure and natural sandalwood.It can be used as tika in all rituals and festivals.Liquid chandan has no chemicals.It has aromatic fragrance...
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Model: CT10012
Sandal Wood (Mysoor) is a type of pure and natural wood of sandal, and it is used for many purposes like pooja, making beauty products, etc. Pure and lab-tested Sandal Wood (Mysoor) is now available on our devotional store, Just Devotional...
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Model: CT10007
Sandal Wood Powder (Mysoor) is considered as most sacred for worship. It is made up of real sandalwood and it is also used as antiseptic because it has healing qualities...
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Model: CT10001
Shiva Bhasm is used for the pooja of Lord Shiva.This Bhasm (ash) is bought from Banaras, made by the funeral of bodies especially for the pooja of Lord Shiva.Shiva Bhasm is offered to Lord Shiva...
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